A love like that

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So, you guys were so amazing with your suggestions, that was a hard choice for me, but I love the idea of the two foxes and a LOT of you suggested an Artic Fox for Elsa, and when somebody told me about a Red Fox for Anna, I literally lost it.
But then the idea came into my head and this happened.
For people who doesn’t know (LOL) when you are so in love with someone your patronus could change, becoming the same animal as your lover, like Lily’s with James’, and Severus’ with Lily’s.
I think it’s amazing.
And YES I know that they should be the same animal, I just couldn’t get over the idea of the Artic Fox for Elsa. Too precious.
Hope you like it.


tools: photoshop cs5, wacom intuos.

Ahhhh, so cute. >////<